Savings: You work hard for your money, but chances are you’re leaving some on the table. You can save hundreds of dollars just by putting existing expenses into a company name. There are a variety of expenses you can associate with your business like rent/mortgage, travel costs, mileage, cellphone bills, office supplies, internet, meals, etc. Allocating just $20,000 of existing expenses to your business entity could save you almost $8,000 per year!


Security: Protecting your assets is critical to long-term success. Pro-Tier helps in sheltering you, your family and your assets from financial risks and unexpected circumstances in business. Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) are the mostly widely used legal vehicle to protect personal assets from business risks, and we navigate all of the complexity for you. Pro-Tier will create a Series LLC that separates your business’s debts and liabilities from your personal debts and liabilities. Once we’ve formed an LLC, creditors are restricted when it comes to pursuing your personal assets (house, savings accounts, etc.). Our simple process provides you with the forms and documentation needed to create this shield in just hours – for a fraction of the price otherwise available. Click here to see our Terms of Use for additional details.


Services: Running a business is hard. We don’t need to tell you that – you’re already doing it. Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.  Examples include simple templates to help you with your taxes and reminders of critical dates that may impact your business. We’ve designed these resources specifically for those of you who power the gig economy.


Advice: As the independent workforce evolves and technology continues to drive rapid innovation, having the latest news and information becomes crucial to your business’s success. With all of the information and data available, finding accurate and reliable resources can be a challenge. Pro-Tier gives you customized content and links to accurate information to help inform your business decisions. We don’t represent on-demand companies, regulators, or government groups, rather we curate information with your best interests and long-term business success in mind.

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