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Portable benefits

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Paid for by customer surcharge

We have just launched our partnership with Uber, were together we are providing healthcare and other benefits to you.


Uber is adding a 2.5% fee, payable by customers, on all of your rides and deliveries.  Once you create a Pro-Tier account, you will be able to track and use these dollars to purchase benefits for you and your family.

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What we offer you




Pro-Tier offers you health insurance options for both you and your family.  Keep healthy and safe with top quality options from major companies.  You can also purchase Vision and Dental plans.

Emergency plans cover you and your family in case of an emergency.  They do not offer  you as much protection as traditional healthcare insurance, but they are cheaper.

We all know we need to save for retirement, but previously independent contractors did not have good options.  We allow you to contribute pre-tax money into a 401k Plan.


123 Mission Street, Suite 1600

San Francisco, CA  94105

Tel: 415-857-5048

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