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We started Pro-Tier because we are believers in the power and ambition of individuals.  Working for yourself is a goal for so many people, and we were not willing to sit back and wait for others to solve the biggest pain-point of making this leap - access to healthcare.

So we launched Pro-Tier in 2020 to create that middle-ground between employees and contractors.  By offering the flexibility and individuality of working for yourself, in combination to access to free (or at least subsidized) benefits we are helping elevate each of you to the PROfessional TIER.

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We care about your access to benefits and insurance to keep you and your family protected.  These services should not be limited to people who are employees, but open to all the wonderful solo-entrepreneurs out there as well.


Our goal is to help you become an army of one.  By enabling you to focus on servicing your customers, and doing the part of the job you are great at, you will be more successful.  We are here to help with all the behind the scene logistics.  We're your human resources department and are working tirelessly to ensure you get access to the best benefits at the best prices.  Simply and easily.

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