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Turn your freelance earnings into a legal entity – just $25!

Pro-Tier helps you get the most benefit from your hard work

Be a business owner: enjoy the independence and flexibility of being your own boss + the backing of a series LLC


Some simple ways we can help:

1. Keep more of the money you’ve earned:

Allocating expenses to your business can save hundreds on taxes. For example, simply allocating your cellphone expense can save you over $350 per year ($80 x 12 months x 35%).

2. Protect yourself:

Minimize your risk and enjoy peace-of-mind with a legal entity to safeguard your and your family’s assets. The “LL” of LLC stands for “Limited Liability” for exactly this reason.

The many ways we can help you:


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We’re here to help you keep more of the money you’ve earned. Allocating expenses to your business can save thousands of dollars each year.


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Don’t leave yourself exposed – we’ll help you get the security you deserve.  Protect yourself, your family and your assets by creating a legal entity.


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Get access to the resources you need to excel. We do more than get you started. We provide resources to help you grow your business.


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Being a new business owner is complex.  We can help you stay up to date with changes in your industry and make better business decisions.

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Get your series LLC today. Only $25 for the first year

You already know that tax codes and laws are complicated – which is where we come in.  We can help separate yourself (as an individual) from your sources of earnings (your new company), with the advantage of improving profitability and security. So start saving money by creating your own company today!


As part of this exclusive, limited-time offer, Pro-Tier will create a series LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) for you – for only $25 for your first year (and $50 per year thereafter).


This is a limited time offer; act now for the opportunity to increase your profits and protect your assets. Before Pro-Tier, setting up your own LLC was expensive – costing hundreds of dollars annually. Other solutions will cost you significantly more, PLUS charge you state fees on top of their quoted price.

Join today – it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Pro-Tier is working tirelessly to serve the best interests of contractors like you. By helping you set up your business entity, we allow you to focus on maximizing your earnings potential. We will quickly create you a series LLC under our master LLC umbrella.

1. Choose a name

Provide us with your basic personal information and what you want to call your company.

2. Submit and pay

Within 24 hours you’ll receive your LLC documentation.  Congratulations, you’re a business owner.

3. Save money

Start allocating expenses to the company, shielding risk and realizing additional profits.